• About Me

    Speech Language Pathologist

    Amanda is a certified speech language pathologist who is passionate about working with patients and their families. Amanda received her bachelor's degree in Hearing and Speech Sciences from the University of Maryland and her master's degree in Communicative Sciences and Disorders from New York University. Since then, Amanda has worked in a variety of clinical, medical, and educational settings, including acute care, rehabilitation, preschools, outpatient clinics, and home care. She has experience working with a variety of special populations, including those with hearing loss and cochlear implants, autism spectrum disorders, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, genetic syndromes, cleft lip and palate, and more!

  • Services Available

    Available for in-home visits in NYC area and for virtual visits via Zoom for those out of the area.

    Language Therapy

    Does my child need a speech evaluation?

    Language delay

    Limited vocabulary

    Trouble forming sentences

    Problems with asking and answering questions

    Difficulty following directions

    Trouble using pronouns or word endings

    Unable to retell a story

    Pre-literacy skills

    Phonological awareness skills

    Speech Therapy

    Does my child need a speech evaluation?

    Hard to understand

    Sound substitutions

    Tongue thrust



    Feeding Therapy

    Does my child need a feeding evaluation?

    Feeding refusal/picky eating

    Resistance to try new foods

    Oral motor difficulties

    Pocketing food in cheeks

    Limited intake resulting in failure to thrive

    Difficulty with bottle feeding

    Stress during mealtimes

    Coughing/gagging when eating or drinking

    Frequent spitting out of foods

    Auditory-Verbal Therapy

    Does my child need auditory verbal therapy?

    Hearing loss and wearing a hearing aid or cochlear implant

    Learning to listen and speak

    Parent coaching on incorporating listening and spoken language strategies into daily routines

    Social Skills Therapy

    Does my child need social skills therapy?

    Difficulty with eye contact

    Trouble interacting with peers

    Difficulty staying on topic in conversation

    Trouble regulating emotions

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  • Testimonials

    "Amanda has been an amazing resource for my family and I. She's helped me to come up with strategies and ideas to encourage my daughter to try new foods and has taught me new ways to approach mealtime. It's so hard to find someone with experience in pediatric feeding and we are so thankful we found her. We would recommend Amanda for any family who is having issues surrounding mealtimes." - Jenn, Ambler, PA

    "Amanda worked so well with our 2-3 year old daughter. She is very patient and knowledgeable. She helped us understand the do's and don'ts to teaching our daughter how to try different foods and to set our expectations. She is very professional and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a feeding therapist for their child." - Alison Snow, PhD, LCSW-R, New York, NY

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    Please email or call Amanda for more information or to schedule an evaluation!

    Email: amandawildmanslp@gmail.com

    Phone: 732-492-1479

    Fax: 212-624-0234